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Suppliment Chain

To get competitive advantage on its rivals, the company must provide value for its customers through the operational efficiency, playing the activities of the best possible form, in which the generated value is perceived by the purchaser of the product or service. The logistic management can assist the organization to reach the advantage in cost in such a way/productivity as the advantage in value. (CHRISTOPHER, 1999). In the agreement of Ballou (2001), the logistic planning is a project problem. The first question on the planning process is when to plan or reverse speed-to plan the net (retail configuration of warehouses, store, plants, unfolding of inventories, services of transports and systems of information) in the direction of if getting a balance enter originary prescriptions of the level of service to the customer, established for the project of the net, and the costs associates with the creation and operation of the net. The election of a good logistic strategy equals it many of the creative processes of a corporative strategy. 3.1CADEIA OF SUPPLIMENTS AND the LOGISTIC PERFORMANCE To combine the leadership in costs and differentiation through the strategies manufacture and marketing parallel bars must be the final objective of any organization that it desires to get constant profitability for long stated period.

A necessity also exists to extend the logistic one of the integration for is of the limits of the company, including the suppliers and the customers. This is the concept of Management of the Suppliment Chain. The management of the suppliment chain requires and depends on strategical decisions, therefore, ' ' suprimento' ' it is an objective shared for practically all functions in the chain, beyond impactar on the total costs and participation of market. Also the management of the suppliment chain supplies a different perspective on the supplies that are used as balancing mechanism, as last not as first resource, beyond demanding a new boarding of systems, where the key is the integration and not it interface.

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