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Often, in this case, it appears that the primary reason was not decisive. You can also ask the candidate to describe his ideal job, including staff, corporate culture, the identity of the chief, a job and so on. His story will assess whether the proposed him his position is consistent with expectations, as well as quite vividly illustrates his motivation. These objectives pursued questions about what attracts him this position, what opportunities it offers for his career and who sees himself as an applicant in a few years. Useful information can be obtained by asking the applicant to list several factors that could keep him in the company, as well as those factors that cause it to seek a new job. Further, should invite him to rank these factors in order of importance.

This will reveal a hierarchy of values of the applicant. Also motivated Jobseekers can be estimated with the question of what criteria the candidate selects the appropriate job to him. You can inquire about whether he had offers from other employers and what they are attracted to it. Learn about the applicant on what parameters will make the final choice. Thus, the assessment of motivation of the applicant during the interview process helps weed out candidates who do not want to stay in the company, and pursue purely personal purposes, for example, to find a temporary position for a period of finding a suitable job or to be interviewed exclusively for the maintenance of tone in preparation for the more important to interview them.

Writing Corporate Anthem

Among the clients are usually distinguished by a sports team, steel companies, the company FEC, banks. Corporate anthem, according to the composer, is now a very popular form of creativity. With quality of corporate anthem written instilled a sense of pride in their home firm. In this case, according to the composer, the melody of the anthem of corporate can be used not only for choral music for festivals or korporativka, but, for example, and as a ringtone for your mobile phone. Some customers immediately put the company event the agency a clear goal like this: 'We are fans of Queen and want our national anthem was like a song 'We Will Rock You''. Others, however, say: 'We want absolutely the author's anthem, a native, like nothing on earth'. True, the last minority – mostly customers like it, let's say, Britney Spears song 'I love Rock-n-roll', and they want to hymn-like music, but with his words.

Someone needs a march, but sometimes bought lyrical songs, for the soul to take. Sometimes asked to write a hymn, 'uplifting spirit to be able to dance. " There are times when a customer brings almost ready to stuff and asks him to write only on professional equipment with the appropriate arrangements. With words is also not easy. Quite a serious challenge for the professional poet and composer is often the desire of the customer to use in the text of hymn professional slang, or if required by the organization of professional events.

For example, for the miners characteristic utterance of the word 'production' of accent on first syllable, to psychologists and psychiatrists – the word 'mania' with the accent on the second. There are some customers who want the text to be literally packed with the company name to it, they say, bounced from teeth. Developers say that in writing hymns are trying to go as far as possible from the frequent repetition of the brand. Come across clients who do not accept corporate anthem as a finished product, and almost every year are asked to add something and redo it. Whether there are new branches, new customers, new types of companies – is, according to customers need to be reflected in the corporate anthem. As a result, it turns out is not a hymn and a flyer.