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Having a long history of development (beginning with the invention in 1835 in Europe), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) has taken a serious place in the market today and each year more and more insistently is in the everyday life of modern rights. Although in itself is a polyvinyl chloride powder, therefore, for the production of pvc plastic, window profiles, necessary additives necessary stabilizers, plasticizers, pigments and auxiliary additives. These actions are a material – buy pvc plastic – has a remarkable mechanical strength, high moisture resistance, excellent insulating properties and a rare neutral and chemical resistance. This material is not soluble in kerosene and gasoline, is resistant to corrosive acids and alkalis. Importantly, the plastic is treated freely: forms, welded, glued, and excellent cut.

Modern building and finishing sector of the market was in the face of pvc plastic – a unique thermoplastic polymer. More proof of a regular use of the plastic and its unusual, tall, growing popularity in the assembly and construction operations, as well as in a completely distant from this sector of the market areas. So he found a great use in the manufacture of hard and soft plates and films, a variety of tubes, packaging material and packaging. Each room can be seen today a chip of this multifunctional, unique, universal material – the usual plastic windows. Generally, as a building material, plastic gradually outperforms conventional materials because they can not compete with them for a variety of settings. Another great addition to plastic pvc include mill.

This material possesses the versatile, multi-functional, unlimited, unique opportunities that its application has no boundaries. Today, the use of this film for aesthetic interior design is becoming more popular and widespread. By design – like the film consists of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which has a paper with the sticky surface of the subbase. With the development of progress began to appear more and additional performance – added one more word (polyester), which not only adds shine, but also protects from damage and scratches. With self-adhesive film sold most fashionable and original, daring designer's imagination, as the material that underlies the durable, safe, versatile and relatively cheap. If we consider that the film is waterproof, then no humidity such material is not an obstacle. The same should note the high temperature strength adhesive film that easily withstands the temperature and 800 C. Oh and one more, perhaps, the most exquisite quality – this is a great choice of color schemes: here the stone and marble, velvet and suede, wood structure and mod patterns, mirror and stained glass options. Anything your heart desires, from one-ton versions, up to the most fantastic – real freedom for designers. Options for color and design solutions to becomes every day more and qualitative indicators and performance meet the highest standards. And what would a collection of such a wide choice of self-adhesive films are constantly replenished, there is special equipment that provides this seal. The equipment is always unified, improving, developing, which necessarily affects the more qualitative causing the most various images on the film surface, as well as ensuring their long-standing service. The modern market of high-quality, complex, universal, unique equipment offers such wide- Printers and professional cutting plotters, it is possible to fulfill the orders of various complexity, and the result will match the most modern technological requirements.

The Crack

Sometimes there is even a partial swelling hotmelta heated in the low double-glazed window. With a significant cooling of hotmelt hardens, loses elastic properties, gives the crack. Wind effect leads to the separation of glass from the plastic mass. In addition, moisture (condensation) freezes in the microcracks, the ice breaks these cracks, the cracks penetrate pollution. Repetition of the process leads to the destruction of the sealant (remember the forgotten piece of asphalt construction workers on the street). Ultimately, this negatively affects the quality of glass. Longevity of glass collected using hotmelta about twice yields glazed with other secondary sealants. The most widely used today, the secondary sealing – These are two competing technologies, using two-component polyurethanes and polysulfides.

Both types of sealants congeal in the process of mixing the two components, the reaction of polymerization. Both types of possess high strength characteristics and low rates of gaseous diffusion. Around the same time and pour sealants (2-3 hours prior freezing; about 24 hours, subject to final the correct ratio of components). And polyurethanes, and polysulfides are designed for high production. Standard packaging is a collection of drums: Part A-190 liters, a component of B – 20 liters.

And then it's time say about the practical differences between the two types of sealants. Firstly, when we talk about the engine design process, we must remember that we are dealing with a variety of chemical point of view of products. From this it follows difference in the machines to work with these products.