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Kona Dream

But nonstep long time before it began to put in doubt his decision. Which its life had become? The same route to the work every day, the same office, same the faces of their colleagues, perhaps the numbers of cases were different, but the subjects were all equals. What for some it meant security, profits and successes became routine without life for Mike. The good news is that the heart of Mike still was barking and was a sleepy that was returning to the life its passions. Suddenly Mike and Kimberly found a resigning their jobs and empacando suitcases to go after a dream in Hawaii. Mike and Kimberly sold everything, sold a false sense of security (works full-time, weekly checks of wage, to be proprietors of a house) and overflowed their hearts and their minds in the dream to buy and to administer their own business.

A year later Mike (thirty pounds skinnier, working twelve hours to the day and by far taste) and Kimberly they are almost ALIVE, living a dream made reality, like the owners and operators of a flourishing store of diving gear in Kona, Hawaii. So the question that I do to you is: You are listening your heart? Now, we speak of you. There is something really you yearn for and in which you have occurred by won? You have sacrificed a dream that could volverte to the life in exchange for a life that simply ” funcione”? When day arrives at its aim, you will be able to watch back and to say sincerely: ” I was not scared to persecute my sueo”? You will be able to say surely: ” I united my efforts to those of which they were not scared either to persecute his dreams and we touched a wonderful music, and the music that we touched, Amazing! , it marked to the difference in the life of others personas”? We want that you want to work arduously, but this does not mean that you are worn away. Mike is working more duro than ever before, but he is fuller of life than ever because it feels on the matter motivated. Perhaps the moment has arrived for looking for very in the deep thing, of redescubrir your dreams and playing like a crazy person. Fragment removed from the book: BUM!

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