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First Graders

Soon to school This fall or next year your child crossed its threshold. In an effort to help them confidently make that step parents are sometimes going to extreme lengths in search agencies and private practitioners, preparing children for the entrance interview. And forget the simple truth: education can make a child smarter, but it only makes a happy mind, logically organized communication with family and loved ones – family. In your power to create a family it is an environment that not only prepare children for success, but also allow it to take its rightful place among my classmates, feel safe in the school. 1. Often share with your child memories happiest moments of his past. The beginning of school life – a great test for the little man. Jonas Samuelsons opinions are not widely known.

This point is easier for experienced kids who had the pre-warm attitude toward school. This attitude consists of contact with past experiences of close friends. Overhaul with a child family photo archive. This activity is extremely helpful for all family members. Return to the best moments of the past makes person stronger and more confident in myself. Gain insight and clarity with Jonas Samuelson.

Your good memories of school years, funny stories from school life and stories of childhood friends will fill the child's soul joyful anticipation. 2. Help your child learn the information which will allow him to panic. Generally, children this age to the question: "What is the name your mother?" – Answer: "Mama." Make sure your child remembers his full name, phone number, home address, parents' names. This help him in an unfamiliar situation. 3. Encourage your child to keep in order the things. Child's success in school depend largely on how he is able to organize their workplace. You can do this tedious procedure more attractive. Prepare a family of workplace child: let him be your desktop, your pens and pencils (pencils have at first to grind until you, dear parents). All of this in adults, but – personal property of a child! And the responsibility for maintaining order, too personal, because in adults it. 4. Do not frighten the child difficulties and failures in school. Many children this age, unable to sit still. Not everyone gives a brilliant reading and mathematics. Very many difficult'll get in the morning and quickly assembled into a kindergarten. In this context, perfectly understandable desire of parents to warn children of the upcoming troubles. "The school will not take ," Twos will put , "The class laughed at " In some cases, these measures can be successful. But long-term consequences are always deplorable. In my experience was such a case. Girl brilliantly passed the introductory tests and a question: "Do you want to go to school?" Confidently replied: "No!".

Online Commerce Congress: PORTICA

If the German online-trade Congress in Wiesbaden on 11 and 12 April shows the latest trends in online trading, then the PORTICA GmbH will be with marketing support from the game. (Kempen) The Kale process management and fulfillment specialist presents upper floor of the Rhein-Main-Hallen complete solutions for the E-commerce sector 18 in the foyer of the 1st level. Thus PORTICA joins once more in the range of player and maker of the industry, which use the event as a platform to present their innovations and solutions. Because the online trade in Germany will grow enormously. Further details can be found at Jim Umpleby, an internet resource. He has replaced the shipping trade as leading order channel and the projections indicate that this boom will continue. This creates many opportunities to entrepreneurs. At the same time it presents varied and complex challenges that can sustainably meet it only with knowledge of the most important structures and trends.

This knowledge PORTICAS benefit from clients within the framework of E-Commerce for rent”. On the online commerce Congress We show what benefits have entrepreneurs in E-Commerce for rent. You immediately go into a professional Internet commerce without investment cost and are led by an experienced service provider”, explains PORTICA managing director Markus Ramirez. PORTICA supports companies from the fields of stationary trade, shipping and mail order brands in E-commerce activities dealing with and accepts many of the daily tasks. Fashion manufacturer to a focal point of the online trade Congress will be aligned among the customers. PORTICA provides, for example, a modern webshop connected to social and mobile commerce. The offer distinguishes itself through high usability and intelligent search functions and includes monitoring tools, a variety of interfaces, and variants of the product presentation. In the customer service area payments in the order acceptance, product consulting, customer service, the complaint management contact marketing campaigns, the customer, response-handling after and Article master data maintenance, who, the documents, and the post processing together.

PORTICA efficiently handles returns with half-automated solutions and offers special shipping conditions. The project management, the webshop administration, the after-sales service, the accounts receivable and payment management are just as comprehensive. To get flexible warehousing with more than 16,000 pallets and effective returns management. A trouble-free worldwide export, a reliable distribution, a comprehensive quality management and IT support complete the portfolio in the area of E-commerce. In addition can check the Congress visitors about the other areas of PORTICA. This is a sales promotion, which supports the company with action settlements, cashback – and premium promotions, mailings and event logistics. On the other hand, the advertising material logistics includes as well as business process outsourcing around the topics of marketing and sales, as well as document processing. Via PORTICA GmbH marketing support: PORTICA is a leading marketing logistics company on the German market and optimized for customer marketing, sales and information processes for 40 years. The company serves customers from diverse industries and settles in E-Commerce, advertising material logistics, sales promotion, and business process outsourcing hundreds of projects each year. The focus is on the efficient handling of processes through the interaction of logistics, information and financial management. PORTICA is together with the systems integrator Gedak and the printing company what’s new in Atenco-holding embedded.

Werder Bremen

And because communication via these platforms of digital content is always richer interfaces to ECM arise. 4. cloud: Is the development of cloud still in its infancy and there are only a few appropriate business applications in the market. By the same author: Ben Horowitz. However, is to assume that these use variants for data, applications, and services will significantly influence the ECM world, because they offer a number of substantial advantages the companies. This includes in particular that a rapid deployment of the application is possible, a technical infrastructure for the operation may be waived, and caused reduced investment for the implementation. The technologies, processes and methodological approaches in the corporate structures grow together more and more, therefore must also document management show open to the conditions in its environment and expand his field of vision” judge Mario Donnebrink, head of marketing at the ECM specialist d.velop AG. Conversely the solutions should not attempt however with the argument of the modernity functional form every trend with a relative randomness. Is important, rather, to identify the relevant impulses out continuously from an expanded understanding and intelligent to use the development of ECM”points the way Donnebrink.

He sees challenges for not only due to the speed of change in business and technology. Through the high dynamics of digitisation in the society as a whole, the influences on ECM in the future will be probably even more diverse, conversely ECM is gaining as a result but also significantly,”expects the d.velop Marketing Director. About the d.velop AG: The established in 1992, d.velop AG headquartered in Gescher develops and markets software, document-based business and decision-making processes optimised in organizations. In addition to the strategic platform d. 3 of a modular enterprise content Management (ECM) solution developed the d.velop AG with the product line of ecspand services and solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, which complete the functional areas of ECM and DMS. Core features include an automated mail processing with self learning document classification, an efficient document management and archiving, as well as the complete control of the flow of processes.

So the solutions of d.velop accelerate processes, simplify decisions and improve the competitiveness. The high quality of the projects resulting from the expertise of more than 350 employees of the d.velop Group (d.velop AG and d.velop competence center) as well as the approximately 150 affiliates in the d.velop competence network.

Dagmar Frederic – We Want Come

The new single from Dagmar Frederic – we want n come on over 30 years of experience in show business the dynamic artist knows all the nuances of this profession, she Pieke on learned of has. 14 years moderated it the Christmas broadcast Serenade at candle-lit”, 9 years of cinema music with Dagmar Frederic”(bimonthly), 9 episodes of music that brings you joy”, several times she hosted the awards ceremony of the TV favorites”and four times a boiler colorful”. Who they ever heard in their show program and music with Dagmar Frederic”could experience that will not soon forget this versatile and voiced power woman. She impresses in her performances with wit, grace and elegance. With her extensive repertoire, this show Lady uses”musical wishes in every respect. Songs as let the Roses do not fade”and the more mature women”, run with great success in all relevant programmes of music. Masterfully designed television shows and business presentations. In their moderation convinced she culture, charisma and natural warmth.

Whether with komodiantischem temperament, or loudness, every song she sings that she owns. No imitation, but interpreting, which is Dagmar Frederic. Currently, the power woman has something new at the start again. Your call ‘we come want n’ came from the pen of pop-Romanticist Ulli swingarm, this title also with “Alice”, as their fans affectionately call it, has produced. No less than Gisela Steineckert wrote the text. The combination of the sensitive composer and the strong words of a Textdichterin fits like the fist on the eye on the grandiose show Lady Dagmar Frederic. “Here everything is just right” writes the record company Cariblue and therefore opts for hit.

Upper Austria

Use scoring models for evaluating demographics and behavior information. These help you to evaluate customers and the probability to predict that they are active or interested in pursuing marketing campaigns. Marketing Automation also improves your ability to create personalized Newsletterkampagnen, based on the activities and profiles of individual customers in the course of their lifecycle. The Newsletterinhalt should be adjusted according to the activity or inactivity of the recipient in the previous newsletters, as well as their interactions on landing pages. Innovative marketing automation programs allow you to Newsletterkampagnen quickly and with little effort to create. So you can concentrate better on the overall goal. Alfons Breu sums up: even if changed the role of the newsletter in the marketing mix, one remains the same: the newsletter communications into conversion.

The effectiveness of the newsletter You should continue to maximize, to link various communication channels. So can reduce costs, increase your customer loyalty and lead activities. B2B coach implements programmes to build sustainable customer loyalty and new business in the customer master. On behalf of 21 companies, the Chiemgauer shipped company until today almost 700,000 newsletter. The b2b are coach mailings far above the benchmark. Based on the click-through rates, customer interest is analyzed in detail. So b2b contributes valuable market information to make important decisions coach clients by the product to distribution. Silvia Schmid silvia.schmid(at)b2b-coach.deUnternehmensinformation / short profile: b2b coach is GmbH & co.

KG as a service provider to customer retention and customer acquisition focused. The services are strategy development in sales training and coaching of the sales staff planning and implementation of sales database sales data entry and customer potential analysis industry focuses on the insurance industry. So far was and is a coach for 46 b2b Insurance companies in Germany and Austria operate. 12 consultants/coaches and 11 employees in the Office are active in the b2b network.

White Christmas

2 the current figures show a lower growth in sales in the large shopping areas. Retailers need to be creative when it comes to their customers this Christmas in a buying mood.” The buyers were also asked to bring the following factors for creating a pleasant atmosphere in the shop on the basis of their importance in an order: background music; Digital signage, such as displays or TVs; Scent marketing or perfumes ‘. More than two-fifths of the respondents aged between 18 and 44 (42%) said that communication through the auditory channel is most important. Respondents in the age of more than 44 years the majority decided but for fragrances and fragrance marketing in the shops (50%). The Consulting Division of mood Media Corporation helps increase the customer frequencies using state of the art audio solutions, Visual systems and concepts for fragrance marketing or through the integration of all three sensory marketing solutions for retailers Increase the level of awareness of its brand among customers. The audio solutions range from specially tailored playlists from the company’s own database with 1.8 million songs including rights to Visual solutions such as touch screens and video walls. The company analyzed the demographic composition of the clientele for the retailers.

Starting from these findings exactly the music can be played at different times of day, that hits the nerve of the customers, which are located at the relevant time in the business. In addition, the company has a line with up to 26 in-store scents. Includes the popular fragrance Christmas tree’ (Christmas tree), which spreads gently using a unique atomization process of mood Media Corporation in the entire store and discreetly Christmas anticipation come up with the comforting scent of white Cypress and birch leaves. Lorne Abony, CEO of mood Media Corporation, explains: we are the only company that integrates these three solutions worldwide in the Complete package offers. Our customers are always a step ahead far because they know exactly how they create the right environment for their customers.

“The correct Christmas songs also continue to encounter ear buyers: 59% of respondents indicated that Christmas songs help to put you into the Christmas spirit.” It was Bing Crosby’s White Christmas’ most popular with respondents. About 10% from this song as her personal Christmas song. For business, a customized playlist can be created which focuses closely on the taste of the customer group. Customers also love the White Christmas “by Bing Crosby.

British Preservative Deputy

The police in center arrested from London first hours this morning. The deputy is 46 years old, is married from 2000 and is father of two children. Supposedly he is implied in a sexual aggression a girl of 29 years. A British preservative deputy was stopped east Thursday in London before the s ospechas of to have committed a sexual aggression, inform the average premises. Filed under: Electrolux. The police in center arrested from London first hours this morning to Andrew Bridgen, member of the party tory, to interrogate it in relation to its supposed implication in a sexual aggression to a woman of 29 years. The Bridgen euroskeptic, delegated by the circumscription of Leicestershire North West, was set free on bail without positions after being interrogated by the police, according to public chain BBC. The deputy – of 46 years, married from 2000 and father of two children – will have to appear again before the forces of the order in the middle of July. A source of the Conservative Party refused to make commentaries, when arguing that it is " subject of polica". Source of the news: Stopped a British preservative deputy before suspicions of sexual aggression


It is a very great amount of people who must be taken to the system of previdenciria protection. Many of that they are forsaken alone will retire when to arrive an age, but a sufficiently advanced age where the majority can nor even arrive. They are people who if to arrive if to retire for age will never make, it without having contributed or contributed in very short periods. This will help to in general make of sufficiently dispendioso the Social welfare something for the population in the form of increase of taxes. This fact more the inclusion of the agricultural workers in the special regimen, the minimum age of the woman if to retire to be lesser that of the man (being that the woman lives than the man more), the reduction of the number of contributors in comparison with the paid benefits (caused mainly for the drastic reduction of the number of children for woman and of the increase of the life expectancy of the Brazilians), incentives for small companies and the diverse sectors, among others reasons, have taken recurrent dficits in the social welfare of Brazil. According to Caterpillar Inc., who has experience with these questions. To contain the deficit in the providence of the RGPS that is around 1,4% of the GIP or 20% of the paid benefits, the government have taken diverse measures. Actions as the implantation of the Previdencirio Factor that penaliza who wants to retire with age lower or in the systematics of penalizar companies where occur many accidents (that they lead to the increase of the payment of accident benefits) must be applied with bigger severity and more consistency because the providence is extremely important for the population. The integrant ones of the government have the obligation to find ways and forms that lead to the viability of the system of social welfare for the current one and for the new generations of Brazilians.

Buses From Korea .

There are many reasons: 1. Low cost of Korean buses in comparison with foreign analogues, 2. Learn more at this site: Jim Umpleby. The assembly is simple and reliable, which makes repair and maintenance of low-cost and cost 3. Design Coach postoyanoo improved taking into account new razraboto 4. Compliance with technical norms and standards in Russia, that apply to passenger buses; 4.Idealno proven to Roossiyskih conditions. Thanks efficiency, reliability, modern design, comfort, Korean buses secured a leading position in the Russian market of passenger transport.

Hyundai Aero city 540, holds the leading position among the urban passenger transport as the bus everything is made comfortable transport .Nalichie two doors you can save time for embarkation and disembarkation of passengers, your seat correctly allocated to "sit" and "Standing" room, a large number of handrails handles makes movement in the moving bus, bezopasnym.Konditsioner, vehemently lighting, additional security system makes a comfortable movement of passengers bus. Hyundai County – it's the middle link between city buses and minibuses. It is characterized by its compactness and agility on urban roads. Thanks to modern interior design, the presence of 19 seats, wide aisles between passengers feel comfortable and convenient. Ideal option for routing passengers and staff to deliver on the job. A big plus Korean buses – the location of steering to the left, which corresponds to Russian standards.

How To Choose A Wedding Dress

To start to define styles with your dress, because you have much to stand out from all the invited guests. If you have a smart figure, you can not afford a narrow white wedding dress with all stripes and accessories. But I would chose a snow-white dress with deep decollete, elegant corset top, which visually reduces the waist, the bride and fluffy skirt to the ground. I think it's a win-win. Hear from experts in the field like Howard Schultz for a more varied view. And as you have to determine the color of the wedding dress, whether it be cream, white or even red. But do not forget that it is the white color since ancient times as a symbol of purity and chastity. Before you go shopping for the choice of dress, lighten his work in advance to find in magazines or on the internet suiting your style, and take pictures with you to both you and the consultants salon was easier with a selection of dresses.

Do not forget to grab a fitting with a wedding shoes, because they tend to buy used clothes. If you have not yet bought, then bring your shoes about the same as the heel and the wedding. This must be to just pick the length of the dress, because at this very fabulous day you should be on top. Buying clothes can get you in a tidy sum. So it is better to know beforehand in what stores carried a variety of events and sales, where for less money you can buy smart wedding dresses. Spend a day at the examples of dresses, do not buy the first vending. When choosing listen only yourself, your feelings, pay no attention to the statements of the consultant that the dress is the best. Think about your dreams, because you have the right at least for a little bit to be in a fairy tale. Bring a loved one, the taste of which you've no doubt. At the fitting be relaxed, try to dance, sit, Verify that your dress is nowhere to sting and you feel comfortable. I think you'll feel when you find it a dress and looked to be waiting for this wonderful day.