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Dagmar Frederic – We Want Come

The new single from Dagmar Frederic – we want n come on over 30 years of experience in show business the dynamic artist knows all the nuances of this profession, she Pieke on learned of has. 14 years moderated it the Christmas broadcast Serenade at candle-lit”, 9 years of cinema music with Dagmar Frederic”(bimonthly), 9 episodes of music that brings you joy”, several times she hosted the awards ceremony of the TV favorites”and four times a boiler colorful”. Who they ever heard in their show program and music with Dagmar Frederic”could experience that will not soon forget this versatile and voiced power woman. She impresses in her performances with wit, grace and elegance. With her extensive repertoire, this show Lady uses”musical wishes in every respect. Songs as let the Roses do not fade”and the more mature women”, run with great success in all relevant programmes of music. Masterfully designed television shows and business presentations. In their moderation convinced she culture, charisma and natural warmth.

Whether with komodiantischem temperament, or loudness, every song she sings that she owns. No imitation, but interpreting, which is Dagmar Frederic. Currently, the power woman has something new at the start again. Your call ‘we come want n’ came from the pen of pop-Romanticist Ulli swingarm, this title also with “Alice”, as their fans affectionately call it, has produced. No less than Gisela Steineckert wrote the text. The combination of the sensitive composer and the strong words of a Textdichterin fits like the fist on the eye on the grandiose show Lady Dagmar Frederic. “Here everything is just right” writes the record company Cariblue and therefore opts for hit.

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