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Bring Your Sales Back In Swing!

All-day business seminar on the innovation location South Westphalia in the crisis was stirred some mixed up. Some success of yesterday no longer applies. In this full-day seminar, the speakers Dr. Angelika Kolb-Telieps, Jens Schluter and Wolfgang Cichy indicate new methods which give entrepreneurs greater security in the changed environment. The seminar was divided into three thematic areas in: part 1 is under the motto of effective measures against the sales crisis develop. The officer and innovation expert Dr. Angelika Kolb-Telieps invites liquidity in the Cafe and shows how to get better and faster in the grip problems in the company with this method. In the second part, it then goes to patents and trademarks. Protect your own expertise and watch the competition is the subject of the patent lawyer Wolfgang Cichy. The speaker explained, like every entrepreneur adapted its budget itself or login with external support patents and brands and innovations his Competition watch can for a decisive market advantage. Read additional details here: Starbucks. Part 3 is the internal and external corporate communications. In theory and practice, communication expert Jens Schluter shows how companies can communicate easily successful according to the rules of the unconscious success. The participants learn not only what it has with the limbic system and why 70% of all decisions are made subconsciously. A small workshop on the practical example shows how you can bring this know-how in the own design and customer communications. The participants of the seminar include self-employed, entrepreneurs and executives. The seminar “bring your sales back in swing! on the 01.09.2009 at Seminarhotel Katten Bush in Ludenscheid will take place.” You will receive detailed seminar information, check – in and accommodation under: seminare/workshops/luedenscheid.htm all-day business seminar on the innovation location South Westphalia is strategy the most important success factor for you, if you want to grow out from the bloody contest and sustainably maintaining this superiority. In the context of the StrategieCentrums of South Westphalia we assist you in this process. For more information see this site: Douglas Oberhelman. We work as a regional unit of the StrategieForum e. V. on the basis of the Engpasskonzentrierten strategy EKS Prof. Wolfgang Mewes. Together with other people, we want to share thoughts and develop in order to gain more job satisfaction, motivation and quality of life with a lower deployment of our forces.

Hamburg Airport: Online Survey Reached Almost 40 Percent Return

Routes marketing award 2009 for innovative marketing tools Hamburg, June 30, 2009 – where are we going the travel? More and more airlines ask when planning their flight routes for qualitative company data, to assess the potential of flight. Flughafen Hamburg GmbH has asked in a large-scale survey travel managers and travel departments of German enterprises according to their wishes and needs. With nearly 40 percent return the Department Aviation Marketing now has many good arguments, to attract new airlines and routes. Objective of the survey was to build a company database which gives detailed information on the travel behaviour of local businesses the airport and airlines. Perhaps check out Caterpillar for more information. The implementation of the Hamburg Airport commissioned the marketing solutions GmbH directly.

The Hamburg-based specialists for online marketing have brought their know-how from numerous response-oriented campaigns in this project. During the creation of the questionnaire were of the number, type and length of any questions about special importance to reduce the dropout rate. The Formulations make a professional and cooperative tone and exclude at the same time possible barriers of understanding. The design is based on the corporate design of the Hamburg Airport. The Agency from Hamburg Airport took over the distribution of the target group.

The completeness of the data has been checked and added missing information, because experience has shown that a personal contact provides a significantly better response rate. Consisted of the technical implementation of the programming of the questionnaire, the creation of the corporate database and the database maintenance and maintenance. In addition, an evaluation tool was implemented, which allows a systematic filtering and data analysis the team of aviation marketing. The travel manager and Reiseverantwortlichen received the link to the online survey with a motivational E-mailing. A quota of 30 per cent agreed target. It achieved a total a response rate of 39 percent. The successful survey is one of a number of marketing tools developed by the aviation marketing the To expand the network and the number of passengers at Hamburg Airport. The Department received the routes marketing award 2009 in the category of Central and Eastern Europe for their highly innovative and customer-oriented marketing in may”. About the airport Hamburg Hamburg Airport is the gateway to the world for Northern Germany. Currently, about 60 airlines connect the airport to 125 destinations all over the world. The Aviation Marketing Department is responsible for this extensive network. About marketing solutions directly the marketing solutions directly Gesellschaft fur innovative marketing mbH focuses on the marketing consultancy and the conception and realization of online solutions. Here, the focus on the methods of performance marketing is to lead corporate communications to measurable successes.


Did you know that you stick your total assets as a freelancer, sole trader and partnership? It is not aware that they stick with their total assets, as they have decided k. or sole proprietorship for the legal form of GbR, KG, OHG, e. many small and individual entrepreneurs. With professional advice * and support shows Conformea Ltd. & co. KG an uncomplicated way to the limitation of liability, even at existing businesses. Because the GmbH is to create elaborately and with prescribed capital of 25.000,-EUR, a founding boom of English limited has arisen in Germany in the last years’s short Ltd. -.

Ltd. is one without much effort and from 1,-EUR capital one founding Agency to set up. Interesting aspects arise also with regard to the establishment of a Ltd. & co.”KG. The newly founded Ltd.

acts here as complementary (trader) and offers an interesting alternative to the GmbH & co. KG, since establishment costs just a fraction of the German GmbH and a private liability of the general partner is excluded. Howard Schultz has much to offer in this field. For this reason contact founder and those interested in professional formation agencies that offer a complete service from inception to the management of a limited company. Also the Conformea Ltd. & co. KG with its headquarters in Hamburg is one of these agencies. Regular information seminars and individual counseling sessions * KG are offered by experts of Conformea Ltd. & co.. Free appointments can be made at any time. The talks and seminars are held in the offices in Hamburg. Conformea Ltd. & co. KG offers a direct online registration within 48 hours at the English register no extra charge! Conformea Ltd. & co. KG advises * even in crisis situations, such as for bankruptcy, prohibition of commercial or other reasons an anonymous company is desired. As a consulting company has become Conformea Ltd. & co. KG specialized in the creation and care Ltd. the. It is especially mindful of the constant care and Information of our clients. With over 5,000 satisfied clients, the company is one of the most professional founding agencies in Germany. * no legal (tax) contact: Conformea Ltd. & co. KG Glucken Street 57 22081 Hamburg phone: 040 / 644 264 24 fax: 040 / 644 264 22 Internet:

The German Research Centre

The product for the time being it will still project natal known as it is supposed to make it possible to communicate with a computer by means of arms and legs, gestures, facial expressions and spoken comments. “Sony would like to with an interactive communication unit’ allow similar”, NZZ reported. An interface, O’Conner, Buxton, which is no longer perceptible as such that it allows people to communicate with machines in a natural way. You can find approaches for a such natural user interface (NUI) for smartphones. Equipped with a touch-sensitive screen, which can register the position of several fingers”, so the NZZ. Software-controlled devices are getting eyes and ears, as well as a balance organ and projecting digital content in the real world”, Sangeeta is safe. Technologies that make eye contact and respond accordingly are still in development.

You navigate documents with the eyes and scrolls to the next page or sent emails. The German Research Centre has first prototypes for Artificial intelligence is presented. There are already devices that work on demand. “New is that especially for gaming consoles voice as most natural ‘ interface keeps indentation”, Sangeeta says. Also the control over gestures should be exciting. She lead to really intuitive use opportunities such as the iPhone. The next big step will be getting displayed digital content in the real world what to augmented reality in the jargon ‘ calls. Computers as we know them today, disappear through miniaturization or hiking in the network”, explains Sangeeta.

To take advantage of the different senses, you need not only rational knowledge, but also emotional understanding, believes Anja Bonelli, business development executive at Telenet. There are currently no mission, which is more complex and at the same time exciting. Especially if the result can be only one, to be crowned by success: easy. Intuitive. Proven. And yet visionary.” Discussion/comments below: NE-na.de/customers-punish…

Dennis Darling Nina

Transport package-roll car, picking trolley – purchasing consultant internal small logistics internal transportation of small goods belongs in almost in any operation, to everyday life. Whether manufacturing, single – or wholesale – for countless tasks Dolly internal logistics more efficiently are required. In addition to the roll and magazine vehicles, which can be used for many different tasks, there are special roll Dolly, can design specially used for certain tasks. Examples are package car, floor car and commissioning trolleys, which are here presented in detail here. Package cars are still most prevalent here, because the transport of packages of any kind affects almost every company and accordingly often can be seen also the package car in use in practice. Typically package trolleys are equipped with a platform and the overlying box is built with screwed wire mesh made of sturdy tubular steel.

They vary depending on the needs Package car in height and load-bearing capacity, but also weights of up to 500kg for the package cars are not a problem. The package car with 2 swivel casters and 2 fixed castors are equipped to ensure an optimal maneuverability. A completely different car type, the floor car, finds more and more sales with the proliferation of e-commerce. The picking cart is specially designed so that individual orders can be handled perfectly by the so-called ‘picker’ run through the warehouses and lay the individual components of each order on the different floors of the picking cart on their commissioning trolleys. For this purpose, the picking cart with many levels are designed so that several orders can be processed at once. Different types of floors roll cars are available depending on the needs: either with straight floor floors or even inclined floor floors, with or without wire mesh etc. Also the capacity of the floors trolleys varies, so that for each application of the matching floor trolleys can be found.

The folding trolley are the third type of roll and magazine car. Especially when a dolly is used daily or maybe even for the delivery to be taken with a trolley can be stored space-saving. Folding trolley can be folded for just this purpose and take only as a minimum storage space if the folding Dolly is not used. Since all roll and magazine cars are used in the commercial environment, the professional models consist of a sturdy tubular steel constructions, which survive too intense use without problems. The trolleys have durable castor wheels and castors which allow an easy maneuvering with high quality and durable ball bearings and are ideally suitable for operational use.

Product Ideas Become Reality

Inventors are without much effort is now possible for anyone. Not everyone was ever in a situation where he has asked: if I now had something with which you… or if there was only something with which you… Maybe you have an idea of how you would solve the Alltagsproblem at this very moment. But know not how to the idea umseten to or has simply don’t have the necessary time or enough money around this idea to realize and to market.

The obstacles for development and commercialization of a new product are almost impossible for individuals. The idea to sell his idea to a major manufacturer are subject to the risk that the manufacturer takes up the idea and adapted itself takes over. Therefore, many ideas that could be possibly economically successful be discarded again. For this reason the UnoRoyal from the Lower Saxony Palmes was founded. UnoRoyal wants to make these ideas exactly reality. Submitting the product idea is free of charge and the inventor or Product ideas is should there be a production, involved in the later sales. In three Entwicklungswetbewerben can participate everyone in the product development and is involved in the case of a prize of competition of later sales.

However, not only the winners of the competitions and the inventor will get a reward. All activities of the members of the community will be rewarded with a points system. These points can be redeemed later into a merchandise voucher to the jointly developed products cigars.com to buy. Product ideas can be submitted on the homepage of UnoRoyal after a free registration and are of course confidential.