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Discover El Born In Barcelona

El born, perfect place for a stay in Barcelona, Spain – that should be most important and most informative at a glance of the many places in the Catalan capital of Barcelona, where you can see and be seen, lies El born right up front. A beautiful area is centrally located El born in Barcelona, which has old and fascinating architecture, but retains a lively, contemporary atmosphere. There is a cultural equilibrium in this area also the bars and cafes here modern and alive, the restaurants are stylish and sophisticated. The Picasso Museum is proudly among the many attractions in El born (of the inhabitants simply borne called”). The Museo Picasso is the world’s largest and most important Picasso collection and is visited each year by about one million art lovers. The paintings are exhibited in chronological order what a fascinating insight into the development of the spirit and talent of this overwhelming genius. The Museum is located in the Calle Montcada, one about funfzehnminutigen, fascinating walk from the metro stop Jaume I station.

The Calle Montcada is one of the oldest surviving medieval streets in Barcelona and a place of exceptional beauty. Originally the birthplace of textile unions, is that textile museum right next to the Museo Picasso and also has a lovely Cafe in a courtyard. It is appropriate that El born today is home of many modern businesses, such as the Brazilian company of Colcci. Today, El born is a epicenter for chic fashion purchases. It is exclusive and expensive, it is also an ideal place to find something unique. A contradictory place of wonderful beauty is the Ciutadella Park. Partly surrounded by the Passeig de Circumval Prince, next to the Barcelona Zoo has the Park on a beautiful Lake and expansive picturesque gardens the a such exquisite splendor are, that you won’t want to leave the Park.

A unique place to your holiday in Spain with wonderful Atmosphere to enrich. If you can still do this, necessarily take in the unique atmosphere in El born; the branches of the violin makers, the glass master and the exclusive Designer. Are all the same at home in the medieval architecture of the 13th century, where visions of fountains and monuments embellish the look of the narrow streets. The roads are a constant surprise as you stumble around every corner of a charming spectacle. After recorded all this glitz and some shopping muscles trained, you will want to relax wine or a cocktail in one of the trendy bars safe with a glass. The competition, is high in this area to sell the best pizza and the best Mojito, which leads to a culinary delight for you, whether you choose a romantic place or a lively. Accommodation in Barcelona, El born is also easy to find, if you are planning your holiday in Spain.

Nevsky Prospect

One can hardly meet the Russians, who would not know about the existence of St. Petersburg. As a rule, everybody knows the main attractions of our city – the Hermitage, Russian Museum, Nevsky Prospect, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Savior on Spilled Blood, Rostral Column, a pillar of Alexandria, and so on. However, one thing to know and see the beauty of St. Petersburg on TV, the other – to see everything with my own eyes.

If you come to the Northern capital, you will amazed at the beauty of St. Petersburg. It is better to come to us in the spring or summer, will agree with most of the tourists. During the White Nights, the bridges attach additional peculiarity of the city. However, we will not get ahead of ourselves. Before you arrive, take care of the rest area, about a hotel. If you are not wasteful, you will probably be interested in a cheap hotel in St. Petersburg.

They exist in all areas of the city. These hotels vary in the level of comfort, services offered, size of rooms and additional services. Not all economy-class hotel is widely known. Information about some of them passed "by word of mouth. In this case, there is a mini-hotels St. Petersburg, which are little known. They are located in different parts of the city. Many of them are located in close proximity to subway stations. In the mini-hotel rooms have the necessary appliances: electric kettle, microwave, refrigerator, TV. You will feel comfortable. Once you have decided on a hotel, make sure its secure. The fact that St. Petersburg is visited annually by more than three million tourists. AND despite the fact that the hotel industry is widely developed in our town, not always possible to meet the needs of all visitors. If you do not want to run the streets with a travel bag or suitcase, book rooms in advance. Make This can be by telephone or via the Internet. You can visit museums, cathedrals, monuments and so on in an organized tour group, as you can – on their own. In any case, do not go around with their attention suburbs of St. Petersburg – Peterhof, Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Gatchina. Unique palaces and gardens and parks will not leave you indifferent.

Costa Smeralda Organized Resort Paradise

Costa Smeralda in the translation from Italian Emerald Coast, which is very accurately conveys the prevailing color of the sea-scape of the northern coast of Sardinia. In the early 1950s, the Costa Smeralda, formerly known as District 'Monty Mola di', is a wild poberzhe north-eastern Sardinia, with deserted beaches, white sand and granite rocks of fantastic shapes. This region was at that time almost uninhabited, there was virtually no roads and any infrastructure. Then very few people in the world knew about this wonderful nook in Sardinia, Sardinia and she was considered inhospitable land and inhabited by gangsters. In the early 1960s, employee World Bank, Mr. Duncan Miller, was sent to Sardinia to see the results of a large campaign of extermination. He was so fascinated by the pristine beauty of the island of Sardinia, which has convinced a group of friends to visit this land.

Among his friends was a young Harvard graduate Prince Karim Aga Khan IV, who saw Monty di Mola, immediately realized the unlimited commercial value of several kilometers of pristine beaches on the north-east of Sardinia. At the However, he felt a deep sense and irresistible attraction to the land. This was the beginning of a great business initiative, which made a wild region off the coast of northeastern Sardinia in an organized resort paradise. In 1962 a group of industrialists and financiers from different countries, led by Prince Karim Aga Khan IV, was a consortium called the Costa Smeralda. The main idea of the consortium was to arrangement of the north-eastern coast of Sardinia in order to implement large-scale project for the development of elite tourism in the municipalities of Arzachena and Olbia in part.

In a short time the consortium has acquired about three thousand hectares of coastal land to the north-east of Sardinia. The project included the construction of the airport, the establishment of airlines, construction of five star hotels and luxury villas, observing certain strict rules by which the virgin coastal landscape of Sardinia in the north-eastern part remained untouched and preserved until today. In order to protect and preserve the land and the environment on the Costa Smeralda was prohibited plant, many plant species. Incredible attention to the environment and the manifestation of uniformity in the architectural ensemble of the Costa Smeralda are the main objectives of this project. The first luxury hotels and exclusive villas on the Costa Smeralda was put into operation already in 1963 – 1964, respectively. This time can be called a new era in the history of economic development Gallura (northern coast of Sardinia). At this point in Arzachena some extent Sardinia get their new "glam" look. The world elite starts sezhatsya on the Costa Smeralda in the summer months, seeking refuge from annoying fans and curious paparazzi. The world-famous movie stars, sports and show business here are accustomed to a luxury and at the same time quiet and solitude in an ecologically clean region surrounded by the unique maritime landscape of Sardinia. The capital and heart of the Costa Smeralda is the small town of Porto Cervo. Today, Porto Cervo offers everything you need to meet the needs of vacationers elite: the beautiful beaches (Lisha Ruyya, Romatstsino, Kapricholi, IL Pevero, La Chelvey, Rena Bianca Principe), marinas, trendy clubs and restaurants, luxury villas and hotels, sports facilities, golf courses, boutique clothing and accessories from leading designers from the world-famous. The symbols of the Costa Smeralda are the three Hotels: Cervo, Cala di Pitritstsa and Volpe. The hotels belong to the class of luxury and are well known in elite tourism.

Crimea Geography Climate

The boundaries and geographic location. Autonomous Republic of Crimea (1954 to 1991, the Crimean region) is part of Ukraine. Administrative borders in the north pass through the shaft and Perekopskyi Sivash. In the north-east of the peninsula is a long sand spit – Arabatskaya hand, and its northern, more than half belongs to the broad Kherson region of Ukraine. And the opposite 'corner' of Crimea is the hero city of Sevastopol, which has, together with Kiev -African republic subordination and most of the issues of economic life separate from the Crimean Republic. The capital of the Crimean city of Simferopol (about 400 thousand inhabitants), the center of business and cultural life, binds together all roads of the peninsula.

Equidistant from the equator of the Crimea and the North Pole, the boundary position between Europe and Asia, forever defined his role as a crossroads of peoples and civilizations with an extraordinary diversity of sites nature and history, as well as a modern economy and culture. Area. 25 thousand square kilometers of the island or peninsula – a lot. This is usually enough for the whole country. Crimea slightly less than Belgium, Albania, or Haiti, but but more than Israel, Cyprus, Lebanon, Jamaica. You'll notice that the Crimea, like all these little countries, characterized by a mix of natural conditions, the combination of mountains and plains, is favorable to agriculture and has a convenient seaboard. Relief. Flat Crimea differs little from the steppes of neighboring regions of Ukraine, but in the west they pass into the limestone cliffs Tarkhankut and to the east – in the hilly ridge of the Kerch Peninsula.

Crimean mountains three parallel ridges stretching from Sevastopol to Feodosia by 150 kilometers. Their northern slopes of the curtains, and the south are steep. The two lower ridges are Crimean foothills, cut into separate blocks of beautiful river valleys and the Main Ridge gets a solid barrier, whose height is almost everywhere more than a thousand meters (highest point of the Roman-Kosh, 1545).