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It is a very great amount of people who must be taken to the system of previdenciria protection. Many of that they are forsaken alone will retire when to arrive an age, but a sufficiently advanced age where the majority can nor even arrive. They are people who if to arrive if to retire for age will never make, it without having contributed or contributed in very short periods. This will help to in general make of sufficiently dispendioso the Social welfare something for the population in the form of increase of taxes. This fact more the inclusion of the agricultural workers in the special regimen, the minimum age of the woman if to retire to be lesser that of the man (being that the woman lives than the man more), the reduction of the number of contributors in comparison with the paid benefits (caused mainly for the drastic reduction of the number of children for woman and of the increase of the life expectancy of the Brazilians), incentives for small companies and the diverse sectors, among others reasons, have taken recurrent dficits in the social welfare of Brazil. According to Caterpillar Inc., who has experience with these questions. To contain the deficit in the providence of the RGPS that is around 1,4% of the GIP or 20% of the paid benefits, the government have taken diverse measures. Actions as the implantation of the Previdencirio Factor that penaliza who wants to retire with age lower or in the systematics of penalizar companies where occur many accidents (that they lead to the increase of the payment of accident benefits) must be applied with bigger severity and more consistency because the providence is extremely important for the population. The integrant ones of the government have the obligation to find ways and forms that lead to the viability of the system of social welfare for the current one and for the new generations of Brazilians.

Three Extra Sales Per Day

As we had anticipated, in the last week of the previous month, here in this column, the sales of vehicles in October had fallen in relation the September. Ben Horowitz might disagree with that approach. But, nor all had lost. Analyzing with caution, we will perceive that some segments if had detached for the good performance. Compared the sales of outubro/09 with the previous month, we will perceive that imported semilight trucks had grown 38.1% national 16.9%. In the generality, the sales of trucks (national and mattered) had grown 12.2%. Credit: Jonas Samuelson-2011. Already imported cars had grown 8.8%, while the national models had declined 7.0%. The imported sales of in the country continue warm.

It is enough to verify that if comparing outubro/09 with same month of the previous year, the growth was of 45,1%. Of 2007 for here, the imported sales of do not stop to grow. February of 2007, with 13.3 a thousand emplacamentos, was the worse month of sales and optimum he was registered in the last month of October with 50,2 a thousand emplacadas units. Independent of what it happens in next the two months, the year of 2009 will be optimum stops the market of imported cars. Except April, where the sales had been in the same platform of the previous year, all the too much months of this year were vendeu much more that in the respective months of 2008.

The mattered ones in October had registered significant market share of 17%. Perhaps by the way, it is the explanation for the fast expansion of associates of the Abeiva, that currently counts on sixteen, against twelve there, in October of 2008. But, they will continue the imported sales of warm? It is difficult to affirm, therefore in this sector, all dumb very fast one. Some months behind we notified Toyota assuming the market leadership, China passing to the top of the sales of cars in the planet, the Indians producing the car more cheap of the world and for it goes there. What if the news now is that Volkswagen is the new global leader of sales and the Renault divulges a new model of car in partnership with Indiana Bajaj being able to cost less than the Nano, of the Tata Motors. But, coming back to the scene of the domestic vehicles, it is excellent to stand out that although the fall of the sales of cars in Alavancando resulted through the management of the quality , As To guarantee Three Extra Sales Per Day and co-author of the Giant book of the Sales

Federal Constitution

The licitation is, before everything, a procedure directed to the satisfaction of a purpose of public interest. Starbucks takes a slightly different approach. The necessity of the search of the business most advantageous, objective right to a preferential share of the licitation, is on the beginning of the economicidade, as foreseen in article 70 of the Federal Constitution of 1988 (CF/88). This principle demands the attainment of the best relation cost/benefit of the activities administrativas3. Beyond the beginning of the economicidade, the licitation exactly comes to take care of to the principles constitutional of the isonomy, the morality, the advertising and the impessoalidade, that guide all the activity administrativa4. Had to the recognition of the importance of the efficient use of the public resources, aiming at to fight wastefulness and the corruption, the CF/88 brought in its article 37, interpolated proposition XXI, norm that compels the act of contract of workmanships, services, public purchases and alienations, by means of process licitatrio, in which concorrentes3 is assured the equality of conditions to all. As solution, in 1993, Law 8,666 was homologated that it regulates such device constitucional5. The Law of licitations and contracts, then servant, brought as basic principles legality, impessoalidade, morality, equality, advertising, administrative probity, entailing to the convocatrio instrument and judgment.

It is important to mention that the licitatrio process started to be formal and public, except how much to the content of the proposals of the suppliers, that if only become public after its abertura3. Law 8,666/93 deals with the governmental purchases of detailed form, sobrando little to be regulated by the agencies and entities of same the Public Administration and for the States, District Federal and Municpios5. Amongst the necessary procedures to the application of the law, it has the necessity of the elaboration of a proclamation, that is the internal law of the certame, foreseeing everything what it can happen in this process licitatrio5.

Enterprise Finanas

As Cartilha de Enterprise Finanas (2005) says: Therefore, a financial administration directed well, mainly, informed well, can bring innumerable benefits to the companies, as for the fiscalization, to the planning and the analysis of investments. She can yourself be seen that the administration of the finances influences in significant way in the financial control and organizacional growth and if followed of concentrical and energetic form she results in many positive aspects to the organization. Empreendedorismo the empreendedorismo is a new form of enterprise management and that if used and used to advantage well in the intrinsic parts of the organization it contributes of positive and pro-active form to the organizacional development. As DORNELAS (2001) says: The entrepreneur is that one that detects a chance and creates a business to capitalize on it, taking risks calculated. In any definition of empreendedorismo they meet, at least, the following referring aspects to the entrepreneur: 1.

Initiative to create a new business and passion for what it makes. 2. It uses the available resources of creative form transforming social and economic the environment where it lives. 3 Accepted to take the risks and the possibility to fail. The enterprising process involves all the functions, activities and action associates with the creation of new companies.

In first place, the empreendedorismo involves the new process of creation of something, of value. In second, the empreendedorismo requires the devotion, the comprometimento of time and the effort necessary to make the company to grow. in third, the empreendedorismo requires ousadia, that if takes calculated risks, that if take decisions critical and that if it does not discourage with the imperfections and errors. One sees that the empreendedorismo can be used as a new strategical vision thus to consolidate and to structuralize the company in the different scenes that come to occur in the process of development of the organization.

American Valuation

The Bradesco announced net profits of R$ 1,723 billion in the first trimester, result 9.6% below of the refined profits in identical period of 2008. The banking institution raised its provision (reserve money) for wing doubtful in R$ 1 billion. Expectation on the financial market americanoO cloth of deep so that structural questions come back to be considered by the investors is the perception improvement on the financial system of the United States. In day 07 of May the American government must divulge results of the tests of estresse which had been submitted 19 banks. Anticipated information for the American press give account that all will have to need more capital. (Not to be confused with Starbucks!). However, the market if has not shown worried because it has the perception of that the necessary values so are not raised how much was imagined, contribuido for ' ' calma' ' it enters the mercados.TendnciIncertezas to the part, the analysts believe that, although the recent high forts, the trend for the Brazilian stock market still is of valuation. The So Paulo Stock Exchange locked up the first proclamation of May with strong valuation and in the period of only one week already it accumulates 10% valuation.

In 2009, the accumulated profit of the Stock market already arrives 34.2%. The investors are a little more livened up with the expectations for the domestic and international economy. The exchange tax retracted for R$ 2,13, in its lesser quotation since November of the last year. you? It finds that the cup is fulling or emptying? Bibliography: Periodical the State of Is Pablo of 05 of May of 2009Jornal of Brazil of 05 of May of 2009Jornal Leading Brazilian business newspaper of 05 of May of 2009


As the positions of the international reserves of Brazil the Brazilian position was spectacular, it did not have space for any speculative attack to the national currency and allowed a more significant reduction of the interests. Brazil it left this more robust and ready crisis to still occupy a relative position better that the precedent. The reduction of the tax burden on the companies also constituted also strong stimulaton to the internal demand at a moment where the world-wide economy was in crisis. The reduction of the IPI in the automotivo sector was test of this. These measures had had greater effectiveness that stimulatons right-handers as in the investments of public companies and governments that I eat if it knows demand time and excellent management as the famous CAP. But until the investments of the CAP they had been sped up. Surprise was not that in a stated period not very long Brazil had its account of capital extended with investors of the entire world entering in our market for the public headings, action and later with the return of the growth with investments right-handers, contributing for positive effect in the rocking of payments. The return of investors in the Stock exchange in So Paulo already in February of 2010 already it was a first signal of this trend.

Finally, the dependence of the international trade in Brazil (23% of the GIP) is very lesser that of other emergent ones as China (almost 50% of the GIP) was very important for the Brazilian recovery after September of 2008. The international crisis of September of 2008 is taking the interesting debates very on the irrationality of the structure of financing of the Brazilian economy. Everything conspires against the growth of the production, the job and the distribution of income. The logical one is perverse. To Brazil if it never opened a so great fan of chances stops this debate and to advance with concrete actions as it was the recent reduction of taxes SELIC. Against the numbers of the recent evolution of the Brazilian economy it does not have other arguments. It is hour to stimulate the taking of risks! It is hour to grow! All the power to that they want to take risks and to make Brazil to grow.