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Plates Seniors

Some vehicles of communication cover the participation of the Santa Cruz in some competitions that the club disputes. Televising media, radiofnica media, media printed and proprietors of esportivos sites and blogs help to divulge the mark of the club in games transmitted to the living creature for the TV, in the esportivos programs with exhibition of gols and better moments and in the spreading of photos for the written press and new technologies. Moreover, with the popularizao of many products of computer science, the number of torcedores is each bigger time gifts in the stadium that record the games they postam and them in sites as YOU TUBE potencializando still more the exhibition of the plates advertising executives and other marks of the club. A spreading report will be elaborated monthly to point the return with media gotten for each partner of the club. General croquis of the points of miditica exploration for Perspective plates of the game field Msteres Plates – Red They are 36 plates in in each deep 16 and 10, total line in the lateral line. Its size is of 7m of length for 1 m of height, turns for twisted and the medias.

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