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It must be had care with these objectives in what it is related in time, priority and structure. For Russomano (1995), the objective of the industry is to transform raw material into a finished product so that this is the disposal of the consumer. The final objective of this area would be the commercialization of this product in order to satisfy the necessities of the customers. According to Slack (1999), the objectives of the production area are divided in five, are they: – Quality: The organizations must make the certain thing in accordance with the operation of the company. In a hospital, for example, one of the quality objectives is to provide a more appropriate treatment, while in an industry, one of the objectives is to produce products trustworthy. – Rapidity: It is the time that the consumer leads to receive the product or service.

In a peddler of automobiles, for example, rapidity means to reduce the time enters the order of the car and the delivery of this to the consumer. In case that she has rapidity in the internal operation, where many companies are using the practical one of the just-in-teams, she prevents the supply of the product and reduces the risk, therefore how much bigger the stated period of delivery of a product to the customer biggest will be the risk of errors. For example, if in a plant of cars the production of one carries takes the time of 6 weeks then the demand forecast must be efficient therefore six weeks before vender the car the doors already will be ready. Case the forecast of demand to manufacture doors is missed the doors will go to be wrong also causing one retrabalho. The external rapidity is the time interval where the consumer makes the order until it to receive the product. – Trustworthiness: To supply to products and services of quality and certain time to the consumers.

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