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Bosses Warner Bros

"Antikiller 3" There is a suspicion that the third "Antikiller" get a curious history, and without early Konchalovsky. Medical history, of course: the disintegration of the personality Fox, the enemy somewhere very near, the teaser ends with the word "n?% * q". Just do not say that you're not interested. "2012" And if "Antikiller" will not adequately film-catastrophe, we always have a Roland Emmerich – the man for whom "n?% * q" and a source of inspiration and creative method, and daily bread. Columbia Pictures release postponed the movie "2012". Starship Troopers, Godzilla prank, global warming slowly turning into an ice age – it was only a rehearsal. "2012" – this is the end of the day, $ 200 million.

Oppose him will be a handful uchenyk under (ha ha) John Cusack. So that being said, fasten your seat belts, have a nice apocalypse. "Where the Wild Things Are," about a screen version (is) a famous book by American writer Marisa Sendak, which Jones did three years ago is awful. They say, for example, that Bosses Warner Bros., looking first draft, Jones was fired, and finish the film without him. Sam Jones, however, refutes this information: fainting, falling, it was, but the fire did not fire. The first thing the studio bosses alerted that 80 million spent on something that looks like the show as a result of dolls giants. Second, they were upset because of the fact that the adaptation of a children's book to show children it is impossible – too clever, and sometimes ominous.

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