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Brazilian Companies

1. INTRODUCTION In a period, as the current one, marked for the fast alteration of the marketing conditions verifies it necessity, on the part of the companies and the people who in these work, of the development of the capacity of dynamic adaptation to the changes. However, the organizations, many times, possess a traditional managemental structure that makes it difficult the introduction of the necessary changes. Such structure if characterizes for prioritizing the control and the previsibility of specific functions, adjusted the steady conditions and to the efficient of the routine works, but inefficacious accomplishment, when in a dynamic and complex environment. The current complexity of the economic activities, based into an performance and global competition and the constant alterations of the market, has transformed the knowledge in main insumo applicable in any economic activity. The knowledge if became an important and determinative factor for the economic competitiveness for the companies in all globe. The changes of the factors for competitiveness attainment become necessary to go beyond the traditional combination of capital and work, therefore, more than what never, the knowledge became a decisive factor in the success of any enterprise.

In this scene this study focando management of the knowledge in the practical one of the administrative management appears then thematic of. It is had as objective generality to analyze as the management of the knowledge can be ece of fish in practical for an improvement in the performance of the enterprise businesses. Of form to generate subsidies to reach the objective considered for this study, the following problem is had to be answered: how the management of the knowledge can generate improvements of the performance of the enterprise businesses? Through a scientific methodology, it is used bibliographical research in books and articles to above reach objective the proposal through a solid theoretical base. 2. MANAGEMENT OF the KNOWLEDGE the humanity comes throughout the times if modifying and if adjusting to that its innovation is necessary constant, aiming at to follow the evolution of the new environment business-oriented.

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