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Business Management

The strategic direction of the company is a global-oriented decision-making process to ensure the survival and functioning of the organization. This process must be strongly oriented to achieving concrete results. Ideas are the most important asset of the employer. Train, generate ideas and study the feasibility of its implementation should be a daily routine. Of them depend on the company’s future and that of the families (not think only in direct and indirect contributors) that depend on it. Turnover is vanity, the profitability is sanity and liquidity is reality.

When low demand you can not do like Volkswagen and work loss, even more not to not to lose money and borrow you, then you have to make as Porsche, lower production. In times of low demand is when those who were not prepared for different scenarios Act reactively, running behind the truck.You that you exert your company management must act proactively, taking the reins of the company, implement those ideas you have folder, that you evaluaste in good times, to overcome the storm and exit strengthened while your competition goes bankrupt or ends up seriously damaged and weakened. But do not believe that there is always on the sidewalk in front people without preparation, in critical situations you’ll be surprised that your competitors can do, what is certain is that there will be movements of parts and you do not want to lose positions in existing markets or lose the opportunity of a crisis to create new business for your company. Time is not money time is not gold, time is all we have, the life is long, you can buy gold but can not buy time. One of the things that most costs to small business owners is the delegation of tasks. Although it normally happens that the small entrepreneur is the person most capable of the company, which knows how to do everything, the reality is that if we do not delegated not enough us life to do all the tasks of the company. Don’t talk that some tasks should be made between several people, but that if a company needs, for example 80 hours daily labor to operate is obvious not we could do everything alone, then we must hire and delegate the tasks efficiently so that other people do things for us.

Some tasks not directly linked with the generation of wealth that normally perform the owners, partners, directors or managers of small enterprises are budgets, calculate costs, inventory, ordering supplies, payments and collections. It is essential to reduce the downtime to a minimum, reducing transfers, automated payments, delegating some efforts, standardizing processes and systematizing data. We must systematize and organize our company data to facilitate its control and provide updated statistical reports that enable their use in decision-making. These topics give for writing books, this text aims to awaken your curiosity, open and activate your mind and share with you my vision not Professor but quite scientific and very practical reality of the direction of the small and micro enterprise. You I invite you to leave your comments on the topics covered and your questions, I personally answer each one as soon as possible.

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