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Garden Design

The main garden path spread of durable material, secondary garden paths may not be as strong, since they account for a small load. For any style Landscape garden design is always appropriate sidewalks and grounds of natural colors – gray, beige, brown. Landscape design project should provide the optimal number of garden paths – garden paths should be only where they can not do without. Technical side, ie the very laying of tracks, are best left to professionals, but if you decide to make garden paths yourself, be sure to take into account: the mandatory presence of bias at the garden paths and areas for water runoff, the presence of drainage (sand and gravel) layer under the garden paths and playgrounds. The logical conclusion of the garden paths often serves as a platform in front of the house, near the gazebo next to the garden oven or barbecue, sunbathing area, playground. Area in the garden as a place to rest can be arranged near a pond or lake. Material for garden sites selected according to their purpose.

Without prejudice to the general style of the landscape, the main track can be made of paving slabs or natural stone, while the secondary to be incremental, where large stones or slabs placed on a step away from each other. When laying tile on the floor you can skip a few. The resulting gap must be filled fertile soil. For such a small flower bed will suit low flowers. "Quilt" of paving slabs can be very rare. It is better to use a single tile shape and surface structure. If you want some variety, use materials with different texture (smooth, rough, ) or add a paving slab paving stone. You can change the image placement.

Sidewalks and grounds decorated with flowers planted nearby, low hedge. Flowerbed most effectively looks at some distance from the garden paths, or playgrounds. K landscaping also includes gazebos, arches, barbecue and garden furnace, water reservoirs and ponds. When the draft landscape design is embodied and it seems that everything has been done, it's not the end. Landscape design requires continuous creativity. Landscape design – a process. Plants grow, changing their size and shape. As a result, otherwise look sidewalks, gazebos, a pond, and the house itself. Maybe something will have to adapt, change. Old garden requires constant new landscaping ideas. Well, if this was the landscape design for your favorite hobby.

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