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Home Automation Control

It is they who provide the best opportunities for lighting control. Automatic Control of Home Automation Control lighting can be implemented in two main ways. First – equipment of each room remote control with few buttons. Each is responsible for a specific lighting – chandeliers, a system of point lamps. As a result, light can be controlled directly from the sofa or chair. For example, deciding to devote the evenings, you can read a newspaper or book, using the bright light of chandeliers, and then switch to a sneak preview at darker lighting sconces. The second way – fully automated with the assistance of special sensors. Light activated as soon as the person enters the room and some time after its release off. The convenience of such Automation is felt from the very first time, especially if both hands are busy as ever, and in order to reach the switch, will require additional efforts. However, the switches for the automatic control is not CANCELED: if you want to turn off the lights, staying in the room, it's quite possible to do manually. Control the brightness of lighting is a system that gives the possibility to regulate the light output by adding or dec brightness. Convenient, if such actions can be carried out by remote control. However, this is not the only way. Brightness control can be rendered on a separate panel, and can become part of the program management lighting on a timer. Lighting Control Timer People living on the regime will certainly appreciate the possibility of programming time on and off the light, and automatically change the settings.

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