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Identification Advertising

This has long seen in the West. In addition, the agency works contractor advertising and PR-agencies, performing for them, copywriting, thereby hut; their partners from the risks of working with freelancers and journalists. Of course, innovations do not all like them and fit. After all, to run the agency order Writing is issued a contract which clearly stated targets and timetables, responsibilities, ensuring that the two sides of comfortable collaboration and mandatory implementation of the agreement. Filled by the client brief, which prescribed for the purpose of the text, the problem is described by the target group for which the finished material, editorial requirements, wishes and more.

This allows the client to correctly understand the artist, and create the desired text with the first times. Another innovation is – outsourcing copywriting. This is when the agency is working under contract with companies, politicians, show business as a 'freelance': the work is paid by result, and The signed contract ensures that at any time the customer can count on kopiraytingovye services, even on credit. Writing is an independent advertising profession. A timely transition to copywriting 'Cottage industry' to 'shop' several times raised the quality of the intellectual output and increase the flow of funds into the industry. In the U.S., for example, runs more than a thousand agencies, Russia – a few tens of copyright bureau, which specialize in 'hard-word' create text and guarantee quality of service our reputation. With 'organizing' approach resolved the major issues copywriting – the identification of him in the advertising market, which served as the impetus for professional development for copywriters to find new creative solutions, increased liability for manufactured products and, hence, improve the quality and effectiveness of advertising texts.

copywriting, based on shared experiences and ideas. Managers agencies are constantly developing new methods of convenience to customers and order, is used more opportunities to improve mutual understanding 'principal-agent'. To do this will be improved briefs, the adjustment mechanism of texts, while taking into account the wishes of clients and creative team. This approach not only improves the quality of the proposed text production, but also simplifies the interaction with the client. – This is commercial art, through which text advertising is becoming an interesting, bright, memorable, and most importantly – effective!

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