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To generate traffic towards our Web site is vital, crucial to manage to sell our products or services in Internet. And I am not talking about any type of traffic, I am talking about a traffic highly segmented and qualified. To that traffic that really interests to us, it serves to us. Because, so that it serves to have a traffic avalanche towards your Web site that is not used you for anything? A traffic nonsegmented, that is to say, a traffic of people who do not belong to your niche of market, will not be used you for anything. The traffic is first.

Without traffic all efforts will be wasted. All business needs clients, because without clients you would not have to anybody to that to sell your products. So that you become an idea. The traffic in Internet is like the client who walks by a commercial street towards your store. Whichever major is the number of people who enter, major will be the number of people who finally buy your products. But like any business that is in a street or a commercial center, not all the people that enters will buy, no, whichever major is the number of people who enter, major will be the number of the people whom they buy. That simple. Nevertheless, how beams to obtain a traffic sufficiently important as to obtain a small percentage of buying potentials and to obtain a good benefit? Many great company generates a high volume of traffic towards their Web sites per day and only a small percentage is those that they buy, but that small percentage is sufficient so that they make a good business. But that high volume of traffic that they generate not produces thus as well as. The majority of them has bet to buy it, paying to receive this traffic.

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