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Parra Llorente

For me beauty is something that is part of my life, and try to put it in my day to day making it become something pleasant for me. I have a number of essential daily ritual for me, needed to keep skin beautiful and free of imperfections. How to enjoy it. I know that sometimes these rituals can not wish for much, such as removing make when you are late and tired, or be due to time treatments. But if you get used to cleanse the skin and proper care, you'll see results in a very short time and this will motivate you to take care of more and more. My secrets and tips. Just got home desmaquillate skin if your skin is combination or greasy, you better use a foaming gel. If your skin is normal or dry you can use a make-up remover milk, which is more moisturizing.

After removing make you tone up, if your skin is dry or sensitive uses a tonic alcohol-free toner applied on the skin with a cotton pad. Once the skin is clean and fresh can apply your moisturizer or treatment. Following morning, if you add up the habit to sleep eight hours, you'll see a much smoother skin and bright, the size of the pores will be less visible, being clean and closed. In the case of imperfections such as pimples or bumps you'll gradually disappear, so this is very important that you repeat these rituals twice a day in the morning before makeup and at night when you get home. Asuncion Parra Llorente a Beauty coach and founder and professional makeup professor. Your beauty world is one of the main Blog beauty web portal with information about and blogs about fashion and hair styles.

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