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Siemens Oven

In its classic form, cooker combines a hob with an oven. About 10 years ago and there has been a tendency to purchase independent of one another oven and hob. Today, people who have the opportunity to equip the house to your liking, increasingly settles kitchen built-in appliances. In modern kitchens because it is not necessary that the hob was strictly over the ghost cabinet, these units can do to spread to different parts of the kitchen. An example of this is independent of the hob oven is Siemens hb 330550. Oven does not necessarily have to have the floor.

If the mistress often uses oven, a Siemens hb 330550 can be arranged at a level that she did not have to bend over. Depending on the location of cabinets for built-in kitchen appliances Oven Siemens hb 330550 can be arranged in different parts of the kitchen. Dimensions Oven Siemens hb 330550 following (H / W / D): 595/5955/48 mm. Dimensions niche to embed: 575-597/560/550 mm. One of the main parameters, which picked up the oven, is its volume. Large oven can cook larger portions of food.

Volume Oven Siemens hb 330550 is 58 liters. That is, the size, we can say, average. The inner space is covered with enamel oven titanGlanz. Other criteria for which to look for when choosing the oven, is its convenience use the opportunity to set a timer or set the program for baking, the presence of a microwave or grill, security, and reliability. With the oven Siemens hb 330550, here there are 8 types of heating, there's "fast heating" and "The protection of children." The front door is made of special glass that can be heated no more than 50 degrees. Utaplivaemye rotary switches. Electric ovens with multiple modes of operation called multifunctional. During cooking they used 4 types of heating elements: top, bottom, side and back around the fan. Fan evenly distributes warm air throughout the volume of the oven, that allows you to cook at several levels. Cost does not always reflect the quality of the unit. The cost depends on the popularity of the goods, and their popularity – on the brand, techno-economic performance and convenience use. The more prestigious brand and advertise, the greater functionality and ease of use than the more attractive appearance, the higher the cost. As for the oven Siemens hb 330550, then its price in different store ranges from 20 to 23 thousand rubles.

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