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State Management

Thus, the seriemresolvidos ambient problems by means of the state management. Considered essential for it reduzire/ou to prevent the degradation of the environment for the growth economic e, still, to extinguish and to remodel already the existing ones. The institutions would have ample forces deimposio and intervention. In third, it has the existence of the respect and the social right seguranados ones, where the ambient and social problems as well as propostaspara its solution are argued by collective the social one. This current depensamento, ambiciona the defense of the humanity, what, therefore, the balance would tambmproporcionaria man-nature (they idem). Corroborating with this source, Jara (2001) it says that direct oenvolvimento of the individuals, has allowed to the increasing accumulation deinformaes and of knowledge, perfecting dinamizao of the desenvolvimentolocal, regional e, qui, global. For Jacobi (2003: 194) the development concept sustentvelenvolve ' ' economic calculation, biofsico aspect and component sociopoltico, as referenciais for the interpretation of the world and possibilitarinterferncias in the predatory logic prevalecente' '.

According to author, sustainable odesenvolvimento does not limit the ecological adaptations of umprocesso social, but yes, of multiple strategies or models for the people, leading in account in such a way the economic dimensions as the ecological ones. Redefinindoas relations between society human being and nature. The concepts of sustainable development are several, however, what it perceives is that it not yet is ready. The dimensions the seremtrabalhadas ones are complex and involve changes in the perception and comportamentohumano, what it makes it difficult its efetivao. In this direction, Figueiredo et.

al. (2004) it comments that it has of if to recognize that the problems that the sociedadeenfrenta currently are global, therefore, the humanity must face odesafio to pass for attitude changes, since the atodos problems say respect. The sustainable economic model of the traditional populations primitivase As we saw previously, economic science works with ateoria of the goods, keeping its focus in the subjective relation enters eobjetos consumers of desire.

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