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Taking advantage of this space, I would remind them that to avoid having problems in his efforts and authorization of documents, it is necessary that your company or individual person have updated your registration details in the SAT. The Superintendency of tax administration SAT, requires that taxpayers have updated their data at least once a year. By what we advise that if you have not updated your details contact any tax administration agency with your cedula original neighbourhood and ask for a UDF form, this form can verify your data that are correct. If you find discrepancies, then request a form SAT 14 for and make your modifications. In the event the data are correct, then sign the UDF and present accompanied by his Cedula of neighbourhood or DPI window, at that time in the Office of the SAT they handed him an update record. Not having updated data SAT took the policy of blocking the NIT, with this lock may not perform any management as such authorize invoices, books or documents. To learn about the base that uses the SAT to require updating, 6-91 tax code can check it in the article 120 Decree.

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