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Walber Act

8 Results: The research was carried through with 15 trainees in the act of the act of contract and 16 trainees in the act of the exit of the company, the results are in picture 5, related 6 and 7 below: Answers in the act of the act of contract 15 Probationary Questions: Reply ABC 13102 23111 32121 4672 Picture 5: Source: Author, research carried through in the company Rock, Calderon and Advogados Associates in 2010. Answers in the act of the disconnection 16 Probationary Questions: Reply ABC 1214 – 21321 3835 4142 – 51321 Picture 6: Source: Author, research carried through in the company Rock, Calderon and Advogados Associates in 2010. Analysis of resutados Picture 7: Results gotten based in the questinrios carried through in 2010. After the collection of the information, was diagnosised that the not motivated trainees estavo, but the main reason and of the insatisfao that was causing the desmotivao was related to the value of the Stock market Aid. 9 Conclusion With the presentation of the results the direction of the company Rock, Calderon, that in search to hold back its motivated talentos and mante them, implanted new benefits to trainees and readjustment of the Stock market Aid in 10% above of paid average in the market, thus satisfying a necessity that would take the motivation of the trainees. The theories that leads to reach the motivation in the work are basic so that if it inside finds the real necessity to be satisfied of the organization, in the current world the companies comes very investing in research of organizacional climate, therefore this tool contributes in such a way for the reach of the success of all inside as it are of the organization. A pleasant climate is prazerosoe if it becomes desired for all.

To get really expressive and sustainable improvements on the climate the implantation of well structuralized programs that contributes for improvement of the organizacional climate, thus reducing problems of productivity, insatisfao or desmotivao, therefore in the globalizado world of today efficient company is necessary is that one that obtains to mater its motivated collaborators. ORGANIZATIONAL MOTIVATION ABSTRACT This article aims you the show the process of motivation within an organization, contributing you the understanding of the various theories of motivation at work, through library research and work already performed, which demonstrate the importance of diagnosing what the real need you be supplied within the organization. You will see the organizational climate survey conducted at the company Rock, Calderon and Associates. Keywords: Motivation. Satisfaction. Achievement. REFERENCES ADRIOLO, Leonardo Jose, a millionaire in the balcony of the Macdonalds, article published in 11/09/2008.

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