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Winter Maintenance Motorcycle

To improve cross-use special tires e tread, use a special circuit, "bracelets" on the drive wheels. Winter maintenance motorcycle greatly hampered by heavy traffic conditions and low temperatures. Storing bikes in the open air or in unheated premises associated with additional activities, providing reliable operation of motorcycles. Possible disruptions in the supply of fuel due to the freezing of water trapped in the fuel tank and fuel lines. Declining performance batteries and reduced elasticity of motorcycle tires. Subcooling engine affects mixing, increases fuel consumption, reduces engine power and dramatically increases the wear of its parts.

Driving a motorcycle in the winter is complicated by the deterioration of adhesion to the road wheels, increasing the resistance to movement off the road and the presence of the snow hidden obstacles (pits, ditches, stumps, rocks, etc.). When driving a motorcycle in winter driver should be especially careful. Motorcycle specially prepared for driving in winter conditions. Translation of a motorcycle on a winter operation is carried out before the onset of cold weather during the next maintenance. In addition to planned work, should wash the fuel tank and fuel lines, remove and wash clarifier, filter and fuel cock, to disassemble and clean a carburetor, blowing compressed air all the channels and nozzles; test the carburetor; washed with kerosene and motor oil to lubricate the winter clutch cable, decompressor and the brakes, and rotate the crank the throttle and replace all the mechanisms of motorcycle grease summer winter, check mount appliances, electrical wires, clean up their contacts and connections, joints fluff-light waterproof grease; to winterize the battery: Replace the electrolyte, recharge, a felt cover to hide the battery and replace tires with worn tread. To improve patency use special tires e tread, use a special circuit, "bracelets" on the drive wheels.

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