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Worldwide Day

The Earth was not inherited to us by our parents, was lent to us by our children. Luis de Argote and Gngora Majorities and Earth reaches East denominated planet where we dwelled has a world-wide day that it is a celebrated holiday in many countries, like he is it the 22 of April. His promoter, American senator Gaylord Nelson, restored east day to create brings back to consciousness common to the problems of the contamination, the environmental conservation of the biodiversity and other preoccupations to protect the Earth. The Day of the Earth has become an educative and informative event at world-wide level. Groups use the ecological it like occasion to evaluate the environmental problems of the planet: the water, airborne contamination and ground, the destruction of ecosystems, the hundreds of thousand of plants and decimated animal species, and the exhaustion of nonrenewable resources. It is insisted on solutions that allow to eliminate the negative effects of the human activities. It is known, that the first manifestation took place the 22 of April of 1970, promoted by senator and environmental activist Gaylord Nelson, for the creation of an environmental agency. In this call two thousand universities, ten thousand primary and secondary schools participated and hundreds of communities. The social pressure had its profits and the government of the United States created the Environmental Protection Agency (Agency of Environmental Protection) and a series of laws destined to the protection of the Wikipedia environment remembers to us, that: Day of the Earth is a celebration that belongs to people and is not regulated by a single organization or organism; it is not related either to political, national, religious, ideological nor racial vindications. In the Day of the Earth it is reflected on the importance of the vital liquid that is indispensable for the life of the human being like which it is the water since of all the water that exists in the planet only in 2% he is drinkable.

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